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2010-05-04 10:40:12 by TechnoRules

Damn i've been away for FAAAAAAAAAAR too long lol xD

Better update this shizz some ! xD

Holy Crap

2008-05-19 11:49:19 by TechnoRules

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG This is Damn annoying I broke my pc and i'm getting it back In like 3 months -.-' cant make music now then :(


2008-02-11 04:05:48 by TechnoRules

Thankfully for a new guy i now know how to do the music and il do my BAST!! my BEST!!! remember BEST!!!! ^^

OKi have figured it out

2008-02-04 04:27:53 by TechnoRules

affs Now i have made a loop But i cant make it to be like a working midi file or something like that BTW im Using Fl Studios. and when i save it it is a FL studi file not a midi and when i try to save as a midi file it wont work any help?? please??

Yupp man Im Angry dude ANGRY man i will never be able to make some GOOD MUSIC AARRGH!!! AHH! -.-